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    Swiss experience. Global practice.

    A Swiss lawyer with 25 years of experience in consulting MNCs and start-ups on intellectual property rights protection and arbitration, Dr. Peter E. Wild relocated to Singapore, the new Asian Arbitration Hub, and founded Wildpeak. After 6 successful years, he refocuses on his European presence.



    Peter has advised clients in a wide range of industries, with extensive experience in sports, entertainment, medical technology and consumer goods. His areas main of practice include trademarks, domain names and arbitration.



    Peter was the Chairman of the MARQUES Programming team and Vice Chairman of the MARQUES Dispute Resolution team and now is a member of the MARQUES Council. WIPO has also appointed Peter to be a panelist (Arbitrator) for UDRP Dispute Resolution.



    Besides his membership in the Swiss Bar Association and the Zurich Bar Association, he is also an Associate member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Singapore (CIARB).



    A native German speaker, Peter is fluent in English and speaks some French and Serbian. He graduated from the University of St. Gall (HSG) in 1986 where he also obtained his pHD in 1991. He obtained his Master of Comparative Law (MCL) at the University of San Diego (USD) in 1987.

  •  Arbitration

    Privacy. Neutrality. Worldwide Enforceability.

    Arbitration is a method for parties to resolve disputes in a binding, final and private manner.  An impartial tribunal of one or more arbitrators, agreed upon by the parties, decides the resolution and award, which is enforceable in over 145 countries. For arbitration to be an option, an arbitration clause should be included in the contract made between the parties involved.


    The entire process (dispute, related documents and resulting award) is kept private and will not become part of public (and published) reords. This is most advantageous to disputes which may involve intellectual property.

    Speed and flexibility

    Arbitration rules are simpler and more flexible than court rules, with the Parties able to agree on the process and the documents to be disclosed. Given the flexibility of procedures, arbitration is potentially more expedient than court litigation. Since arbitration decisions usually are final, the absence of appeals ensures a faster final resolution.

    Choice of arbitrators

    Parties can give their input during the selection of arbitrators to ensure that the tribunal understands the commercial context and relevant issues of the dispute and has a well balanced set up.

    Ease of Enforcement

    With the 1958 New York Convention, enforcing arbitration awards worldwide is much easier and effective than that for national court judgments. Arbitration awards can be enforced against the counter-party’s assets which are in any of the countries signatory to the Convention.

  • Trademarks

    Unique. Enduring. Yours.

    A company’s trademark, used to distinguish its products from other businesses, is a valuable business asset. As such, it is prudent for companies to have full legal protection for its trademark(s) by registering it. As a registered trademark is a form of intellectual property, the company can license it to others (franchisee) or sell it.



    With a worldwide network of experts, Wildpeak can provide the following services



    Trademark selection.  Ensure the availability of the trademark for registration and that the proposed trademark would meet the trademark office approval and to avoid negative local connotation.


    Trademark registration. Apply and register the trademark with the national trademark authorities. Register trademarks overseas under national, the Europe-wide Community Trade Mark (CTM) or Madrid System of International registration (IR). 


    Trademark protection.  Define strategies to defend the trademarks.  Advise on infringement or copying by others.

  • Training

    Congratulations on becoming an entrepreneur. Your dream business is about to launch with a catchy name and logo. You also have an office space to protect your product.


    What you need next for your business is protection for intellectual property rights too. How and where do you start? What needs to be trademarked?


    Having worked with many start-ups, we will share our experiences about IP rights and trademark filing in a 2 hours introductory course. It will cover the basics of trademark filings (what are trademarks, how to file a trademark, trademark distinction, priority convention etc) and domain name strategy.


    We also conduct specific courses on international trademark filing and specific trademark claims for more complex trademarks.






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  • News and Events

    Some interesting observations on TLDs


    If you have a few minutes, check out this report, investigating which TLDs get kept - and which get dropped. The research uncovered some staggering results, such as:





    Arbitrating and Mediating Trademarks 

    Tuesday, 19th April, 2016
    Bristows LLP, 100 Victoria Embankment, London, UK



    Organised by the MARQUES Dispute Resolution Team in which Dr Peter Wild is the Vice Chairman of, this seminar will consider the fundamentals behind arbitration and mediation in the trade marks context. The seminar will have two areas of focus. The morning session will focus on trademark arbitration, although in practice still quite rare and the afternoon session will consider the fundamentals behind mediation of trade mark disputes and when it might be appropriate.


    For more details on the programme and pricing, please go to the MARQUES website

    MARQUES Arbitration Seminar


    In collaboration with MARQUES and IPOS, Wildpeak’s first organised seminar, the MARQUES Arbitration Seminar, was held successfully on 28 Aug 2015. Held in conjunction with the IP Week, this seminar saw local and foreign attendees (US, Europe and China) from the private and public sector, some of whom were familiar names and faces in the international IP and arbitration community. Distinguished speakers delivered informative presentations and also contributed to discussions during the breaks and Q&A. The strong interest in the seminar is a good indication of Singapore’s status as the IP hub in Asia and Wildpeak will be pleased to collaborate with MARQUES and IPOS for future events. 


    An article on the seminar is covered in Issue 57 of the MARQUES online newsletter.

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