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IP Week @ Singapore

Cementing its plans to be the Intellectual Property (IP) hub of Asia, Singapore will be hosting the 4th IP Week from 24th – 28th August 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. With attendees from the regional and local IP community, this high-profile annual event will have a week’s worth of IP-related conferences, exhibits and seminars, including our MARQUES seminar.

Kicking off the event will be the anchor conference, the 5th Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP), which will have political, judicial and industry leaders share their insights and exchange thoughts on the growing global IP landscape. In addition to hearing from the esteemed speakers via plenary sessions and panel discussions, attendees will get to network and discuss with IP professionals in various industries.

For a more light-hearted treatment of IP, the IP Fiesta (held from 25 – 26 August) will feature interactive activities and talks on IP trends. Held in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th birthday, the Fiesta will have a more celebratory vibe as attendees network with exhibitors and speakers.